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Natural Edge Elm Bowl

This natural-edge wood bowl is made from a crotch from a Chinese Elm tree, and measures 9-1/2" diameter and 5-1/2" deep, and about 3/8" thick. The bark has been treated with cyanoacrylate to make it hard and firmly attached. The bowl is finished with a mineral oil and beeswax finish so that it's food-safe and sealed. It was turned while partially seasoned, and then microwave-dried to make sure it's sterile. The result is a slightly ovoid bowl with a unique, classy look and intriguing wavy grain pattern.

Chinese Elm wood is similar to European Elm wood, except perhaps twistier and more prone to warping for dimensioned lumber. For bowl turning, however, it works every bit as well and looks every bit as beautiful. It's much easier to find too, since most European Elms were wiped out by Dutch elm disease in the early 20th century. Elm wood is hard, with coarse, interlocking grain. It polishes to a satin sheen with no finish applied, and has a comfortable woody smell when cut or sanded. It is hard, and resistant to cracking and splitting.

I have about 50 pieces of this wood. You can buy a blank from me for this size of a bowl for $20 and turn your own, or you can buy a finished bowl like this with a natural edge for $124.50. If you'd rather have one with a smooth, finished edge, it would come to $98.50.

Natural Edge Bowl - $124.50
Elm Bowl, Smooth Edge - $98.50
Elm Bowl Blank, 10"x6" - $20.00

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