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All my woodwork is custom made, after you place your order. Wait times vary depending on my workload and the intricacy of the item you order - anywhere from two weeks to several months. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions. Thanks!

Aromatic Cedar Bowl

This hand-turned wood bowl is made from Aromatic Cedar. Since you don't want to use cedar for food (makes your food taste like a tree) I thought it would be fun to use a higher gloss finish than the food-safe mineral oil and beeswax I normally use. This has a shellac and carnuba wax based finish that gives it added beauty - not that it is lacking in beauty with the beautiful grain and color of the cedar. Aromatic Cedar is popular for boxes and chests due to its nice fragrance, which also repells moths. The wood has dramaitc grain, and finishes very nicely, polishing to a mild sheen without sandpaper if you use your tools right when turning a project.

This bowl is 6" in diamter and 2" high. Cedar is less expensive than a lot of fancy bowl materials, so it's not a lot of money - this bowl or one like it can be ordered for about $25.00. Click here to buy this item

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